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The most valued volunteers in Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary are the kind people who foster our homeless dogs. It is a very rewarding experience and without caring foster mums and dads many of the homeless dogs would be overlooked in kennels and find it difficult to find their forever home.

The reason that fostering is so valuable to the homeless dogs is that it gives dogs who have never been in a home environment the chance to shine and show their true personality, which is very important when SGS are trying to find a suitable permanent home.

If you decide that you would like to foster for Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary please fill out an application form. Next a volunteer will contact you to come out and do a homecheck. If the homecheck goes well a homeless dog, usually straight from kennels, will then be placed in your care and it is your job as a foster carer to introduce this homeless dog to life as a well loved pet!

As a foster carer your job assessing the dog is very important, it will help us decide what type of permanent home is suitable. Some dogs may need housetraining, to be introduced to household appliances, socialised with people and other dogs, basic obedience training, lead training, and to get used to busy streets, roads etc. All dogs are different as others may need none of this and will slot right into life in a home perfectly with no issues at all.

The main thing these dogs need is love. Love and attention does absolute wonders for a dog, and it is very rewarding to see a timid, unsure dog blossom into a confident and happy dog bursting with personality. Once their personalities start to shine through it is usually very easy to find a permanent home and all the love and attention that is given by the foster families means that a happy, more confident dog can then go on and settle well into it's new forever home.

Any vet bills and, if required, food bills will be paid for by Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary while you are fostering. Each dog will come with a muzzle, collar, lead and coat, and if required we can also give you food bowls and a bed for your foster dog. Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary has a dedicated member of the SGS Team who focuses soley on Fostering. The Fostering Co-ordinator is there to answer any questions you have, help with any problems you come across, and will be there to support you step by step in the fostering process.

Fostering is a wonderful, rewarding experience and seeing a dog you have helped go on to thrive in its new home is amazing. However it can also be upsetting to have to let go of a dog with whom you have built a strong bond and love so much. You have to be caring and also strong to be a foster carer, but both you and the homeless dogs will reap the rewards.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding fostering.

Fostering Application Form