Charity Center

Rehoming Process

All dogs that are rehomed by SGS will be neutered (where possible), microchipped and will come with homing pack which will include a leather collar and a muzzle.  If you are thinking about rehoming a greyhound or lurcher we suggest that you do as much research and reading as you can about the breed and what you need to know about rehoming a retired racing greyhound. To help you with your reading we have some help sheets and a section of Frequently Asked Questions that may help you get started.  Please note that we ask for a minimum donation of £150 to adopt a dog from Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary.

Application Form

The next step in the homing process is filling out an application form. This form is filled out online and submitted electronically through the website.  If you would prefer to be emailed the form in PDF or word format then please do not hesitate to contact us and we can send you it in the format you want or we can even post a paper copy to you. 


Once we have received your application form you will be called by a volunteer to arrange a suitable time for a homecheck. Homechecks allows SGS to meet you face to face, to make sure our dogs are going to be safe and to fully understand the environment and what kind of household you live in. These homechecks help SGS understand what dog would be suitable for you and help in matching up dogs to their new families.

Choosing your Dog

After a successful homecheck the Rehoming Co-ordinator will usually give you a call to discuss what type of dog would be suitable for you and possibly discuss dogs that are available for rehoming at that time. All dogs are assessed prior to rehoming so it is important to listen to the advice Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary has to offer in what dog we think would be suitable, or not.

We want you to bond with your dog so a meeting will be arranged when suitable matches have been found and you will have the chance to walk and spend time with the dog before making any decisions. We want you to take your time in choosing your dog and not rush into anything. Owning any dog is a big decision and we want it to be the right dog for you and the right home for our dogs.


The Follow-up is a very important part of the adoption process. Once you have your new dog home the Follow-up Co-ordinator will be in touch to help you with any issues you come across, to give advice and help you settle your dog into your family as smoothly as possible.

Do not hesitate to contact SGS if you are having any problems or have any questions as Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary is happy to help in whatever way possible.